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Workshops and Classes for Children in Bali: Fun Activities Your Kids Will Love

Updated 25 Mar 2024
workshops and classes for kids in bali

Bali, a stunning Indonesian island paradise, welcomes families with open arms. Beyond its breathtaking beaches and lush rice terraces, Bali offers a vibrant culture steeped in ancient traditions and artistic expression. This unique blend creates a magical backdrop for an unforgettable family vacation.

For curious young minds, Bali offers much more than just sandcastles and poolside fun. A wide variety of workshops and classes are available to ignite your child’s creativity, develop new skills, and keep them engaged during your family adventure.

From learning to make magical fairy wings to mastering the art of ceramics or exploring the world of music, these immersive experiences will allow your children to unleash their inner artist, discover hidden talents, and create lasting memories in paradise.

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7 Engaging Workshops and Classes for Kids in Bali

1. Sewing Class at Ubud Fairy Village

Ubud Fairy Village
Image Source: Ubud Fairy Village (Pinterest)

Does your child dream of fantastical worlds and enchanting creatures? At Ubud Fairy Village, aspiring young designers can transform their imaginations into reality! This delightful workshop allows children to step into the world of fairy tale fashion design. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, they will learn basic sewing techniques while creating enchanting fairy wings, sparkling crowns, and whimsical accessories for their beloved Barbie dolls.

Perfect for fostering imaginative play and nurturing a love for fashion design, this is an experience that will spark creativity and leave little ones with treasured keepsakes. Imagine the joy of dressing their dolls in one-of-a-kind creations, each stitch a testament to their newfound skills and boundless creativity. This workshop is a delightful way to ignite a passion for design and leave lasting memories from their Balinese adventure

2. Pottery & Clay Painting at Kevala Ceramics

Pottery & Clay Painting at Kevala Ceramics
Image Source: Kevala Ceramics

Calling all budding artists! Kevala Ceramics offers an engaging workshop that’s perfect for unleashing your child’s inner sculptor and painter. This hands-on experience combines the joy of creation with the satisfaction of personalization. Children will begin by getting their hands dirty, exploring their artistic vision as they mold and shape unique pieces of clay. The possibilities are endless, from whimsical creatures and playful figurines to functional bowls and decorative keepsakes.

Once their masterpieces take form, the fun continues with the world of vibrant paints. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, children will learn basic painting techniques and unleash their creativity, transforming their clay creations into colorful works of art. The satisfaction of taking home a one-of-a-kind masterpiece they crafted themselves is sure to spark a lifelong love for artistic expression.

3. Drawing & Art Class at Rumah Rabbit Bali

Rumah Rabbit Bali
Image Source: Rumah Rabbit Bali

Located in the charming Pererenan area, Rumah Rabbit Bali is a vibrant haven for young artists. This dynamic program encourages exploration and experimentation through a diverse range of materials and techniques. Children will have the freedom to delve into the world of classic acrylic and watercolor paints, explore the expressive possibilities of pastels, and create unique collages.

But the artistic journey doesn’t stop there! Rumah Rabbit Bali embraces creativity in all its forms, incorporating recycled objects and found treasures into their projects. This unique approach allows children to not only develop their artistic skills but also fosters an appreciation for resourcefulness and problem-solving. By the end of the program, young minds will have brought their artistic visions to life, nurtured their creativity, and potentially discovered a newfound passion for the arts.

4. Swimming Class at Tropical Kids Bali

Tropical Kids Bali
Image Source: Tropical Kids Bali

Escape the heat and make a splash in Bali’s refreshing waters with Tropical Kids Bali! This program offers engaging swimming lessons and aqua fitness classes designed for all ages and abilities. Whether your child is a complete beginner taking their first tentative dips, or a seasoned swimmer looking to refine their technique, Tropical Kids Bali provides a safe and fun environment for aquatic exploration. Experienced instructors create a supportive and positive atmosphere, fostering confidence and a love for the water in young learners. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn valuable aquatic skills while staying active and healthy during your Balinese adventure. So, take a dip, create lasting memories, and let the good times flow!

5. Coding Class at Koding Next

Koding Next
Image Source: Koding Next

In today’s tech-driven world, coding is no longer just for adults! Koding Next offers a fun and interactive coding class that sparks your child’s curiosity and ignites a passion for technology. This innovative workshop throws open the doors to the exciting world of coding, presented in a way that’s both engaging and educational.

Through interactive games and creative challenges, children will embark on a thrilling journey of discovery. They’ll learn the fundamentals of coding concepts, step-by-step, unlocking the secrets behind the technology they use every day. As they tackle challenges and solve problems, children will develop valuable critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will benefit them far beyond the coding world. Who knows, this might be the first step on a thrilling journey towards a future career in the ever-evolving world of technology!

6. Music Class at Ensiklomusika

Image Source: Ensiklomusika

Let the music play and ignite a passion for melody in your child! Ensiklomusika offers an exciting program designed to spark a love for music in children of all ages and abilities. This vibrant program boasts instruction on a wide variety of instruments, from the timeless elegance of the piano and violin to the pulsating energy of the drums. But Ensiklomusika goes beyond the traditional! They delve into the captivating world of digital music creation, opening doors to the exciting possibilities of modern music production. Imagine your child composing their own beats or crafting unique soundscapes – the creative potential is limitless!

7. Gymnastics at Rozora Gymnastics Club

Rozora Gymnastics Club
Image Source: Rozora Gymnastics Club

Rozora Gymnastics Club offers more than just impressive flips and gravity-defying tumbles! It’s a comprehensive program designed to nurture young minds and bodies in a supportive and encouraging environment. While developing essential physical skills like strength, flexibility, and motor control is a core focus, the benefits extend far beyond the balance beam. Rozora Gymnastics Club fosters social interaction and teamwork, building valuable confidence in young participants.

Experienced coaches guide children through a variety of exercises, carefully designed to challenge and motivate them in a safe and positive atmosphere. Whether your child dreams of Olympic glory or simply seeks a fun and active way to move their body, Rozora Gymnastics Club provides the perfect platform for growth and discovery. They’ll learn valuable discipline, develop a sense of accomplishment, and gain the confidence to tackle new challenges, both in the gym and beyond.

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Bali offers an unforgettable family vacation experience, brimming with cultural exploration, natural beauty, and endless opportunities for fun. The diverse range of workshops and classes covered in this article provides just a glimpse into the enriching activities that await your children in paradise. Imagine them crafting magical fairy wings, mastering a new musical instrument, or developing their strength and agility on the gymnastics mat. These experiences will not only keep them entertained but also spark creativity, develop new skills, and create lasting memories.

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