Red Gunpowder - Indian Restaurant in Bali


Welcome to our modern Indian restaurant nestled in the heart of Pererenan, Bali, where the vibrant flavors of India meet the stunning beauty of the island.

Crafted with passion and attention to detail, our restaurant is a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary design. Red Gunpowder stands out with its unique character and inviting ambiance. Built using reclaimed wood, our establishment exudes a warm and rustic charm that perfectly complements the exotic allure of Indian cuisine.

Step inside, and you'll be captivated by the inviting atmosphere that fills the air. The scent of aromatic spices and fragrant herbs will transport you to the bustling streets of India, while our carefully curated decor adds a touch of elegance and modernity. Our beautiful terrace offers an enchanting setting to savor your meal, surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing sounds of nature. Additionally, we also provide an air-conditioned space, ensuring comfort during your dining experience.

At our restaurant, we take immense pride in serving authentic and modern Indian dishes bursting with bold flavors and exquisite textures. Our talented chefs infuse every dish with the essence of India, using the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. From aromatic curries to tantalizing tandoori delights, each plate tells a story of India's rich culinary heritage.

Complementing our delectable cuisine is a selection of handcrafted cocktails, expertly created by our skilled mixologist. Inspired by Indian spices, each cocktail is a unique creation, combining the vibrant flavors of local and international spirits with the exotic essence of India. Whether you prefer a refreshing masala-infused concoction or a spicy twist on a classic, our cocktails are sure to elevate your dining experience.

We believe that food is not just sustenance; it is an experience that brings people together. Whether you're seeking a cozy dinner for two, a celebratory gathering with friends and family, or a memorable event, our restaurant offers the perfect setting to create lasting memories, all in one extraordinary place.

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