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11 Things To Do With Your Kids in Bali

Updated 22 Nov 2023
things to do in bali with kids

Bali, the tropical paradise that effortlessly blends vibrant culture with breathtaking landscapes, isn’t just for honeymooners and solo travelers. It’s a haven for families too! If you’re planning a getaway with the little ones, Bali offers an abundance of kid-friendly activities that will leave your children wide-eyed and grinning from ear to ear.

From thrilling outdoor adventures to cultural explorations, Bali has something for every member of the family. To make your planning easier, we have compiled some of the best activities to do in Bali with your little ones, So, buckle up, slather that sunscreen on and let the Bali family escapade begin!

For more inspiration on family-friendly activities in Bali, don’t miss our comprehensive guide: Top 10 Things to Do in Bali with Family. This guide dives deeper into the diverse array of activities suitable for families, ensuring that every moment of your trip is filled with unforgettable experiences.

1. Beach Day Extravaganza

things to do in bali with kids

Bali’s beaches are not just for surfers and sunbathers; they are perfect for families! Kuta Beach, with its golden sands and gentle waves, is a great spot for building sandcastles and playing beach games. For a quieter experience, head to Nusa Dua Beach, known for its crystal-clear waters and serene surroundings. Don’t forget to pack the buckets and spades!

2. Monkey Business in Ubud

Monkey Business in Ubud

Monkey Forest in Ubud is more than just a sanctuary; it’s a playground for both kids and monkeys alike. Wander through the lush greenery and let your little ones marvel at the playful antics of these mischievous creatures. Just remember to secure any loose belongings and don’t let your little ones bring snacks in hand; those monkeys have a keen eye for sunglasses and food!

3. Splash Around at Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali

When it comes to family-friendly water parks, Waterbom Bali takes the cake. With an array of slides, lazy rivers, and splash zones suitable for all ages, it’s a surefire way to beat the tropical heat. Watch as your kids giggle with delight as they zip down water slides or float along the lazy river – just make sure you’re ready to join in on the fun!

4. Turtle Island Conservation

Turtle Island Conservation

Bali’s Turtle Island in Tanjung Benoa, is a haven for marine life enthusiasts. Take a boat ride to the island and let your kids marvel at these gentle creatures. They can even participate in the release of baby turtles into the ocean, contributing to the island’s conservation efforts. It’s an educational and heartwarming experience rolled into one.

5. Cultural Delights at Bali Safari & Marine Park

Bali Safari & Marine Park

Embark on a wild adventure at the Bali Safari & Marine Park, where your family can get up close and personal with exotic animals from around the globe. From safari tram rides to animal shows, it’s a day filled with excitement and education. Watch your kids’ eyes widen as they encounter lions, elephants and zebras in a setting that mimics their natural habitats.

6. Balinese Dance and Gamelan Workshops

Balinese Dance and Gamelan

Introduce your little ones to the rich cultural tapestry of Bali through dance and music workshops. Many places, especially in Ubud, offer kid-friendly classes where they can learn traditional Balinese dance moves or try their hand at playing the mesmerizing gamelan instruments. It’s a chance for them to immerse themselves in the island’s artistic heritage.

7. Visit the Upside Down World

Upside Down World

Prepare for a mind-bending experience at Bali’s Upside Down World. A whimsical and quirky attraction, it features fully furnished rooms that are upside down, providing the perfect backdrop for amusing photos. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild as they explore this topsy-turvy world – it’s a photo opportunity that will have the whole family laughing.

8. Explore the Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park

For budding ornithologists (a fancy word that means essentially bird lovers) , the Bali Bird Park in Gianyar is a must-visit. With over 1,000 birds representing 250 species, it’s a colorful and educational experience. Wander through aviaries filled with tropical birds, catch exciting bird shows and let your kids spread their wings in this avian wonderland.

9. Educational Fun at Turtle Conservation and Education Center

Turtle Conservation

Combine fun and education at the Turtle Conservation and Education Center in Serangan. This center focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of sea turtles. Your kids can learn about these fascinating creatures, their lifecycle, and the importance of protecting marine life. It’s an inspiring visit that might just spark a lifelong interest in environmental conservation.

10. Water Temple Blessing Ceremony

Water Temple Blessing

Immerse your family in the spiritual side of Bali with a visit to the Tirta Empul Temple. The temple’s holy springs are believed to have magical healing properties. Engage in a traditional water blessing ceremony, where a priest will sprinkle blessed water on you and your children, offering a unique and culturally enriching experience.

11. Dine in Style at Red Gunpowder

Dine in Style at Red Gunpowder

Finally, we extend a warm invitation to you and your family to dine at our cherished establishment, Red Gunpowder. Situated in the heart of Pererenan, Red Gunpowder stands as the best modern Indian cuisine restaurant in the area. Offering a specialty in Modern Indian Cuisine, our restaurant warm, inviting and elegant, providing a unique culinary experience and a place to unwind and relax after a long day of entertaining your family. Join us soon on our terrace and get lost in a balmy, candlelit evening with refreshing drinks and delicious Indian fare, that will be a wonderful memory for your family.

Bali is not just a destination; it’s a family playground waiting to be explored. Whether your kids are animal lovers, adventure seekers or culture enthusiasts, Bali offers a diverse range of activities that cater to every interest. So, pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and embark on a family-friendly escapade in the heart of this tropical paradise. Bali awaits, promising memories that your family will cherish for a lifetime.




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