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8 Best Area to stay in Bali as Singles

Updated 22 Nov 2023
stay in bali for singles

Bali, a tropical paradise known for its lush landscapes, stunning beaches and vibrant culture, is a dream destination for singles looking for an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a solo traveler seeking adventure or hoping to meet like-minded people, Bali offers an array of unique and exciting places to stay. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best places for singles to make the most of their Bali adventure. If you’re visiting Bali for the first time, you might also be interested in our guide on the best place to stay in Bali for first-timers.

1. Seminyak

single traveler seminyak beach

Are you a single traveler who loves to party and meet fellow party enthusiasts? If so, Seminyak might just be your paradise. This upscale beach resort area in Bali offers a vibrant nightlife and an abundance of trendy beach clubs, bars and restaurants. The Petitenget Beach in Seminyak is perfect for soaking up the sun by day and mingling with the crowd at night. Discover the full spectrum of activities in Bali by exploring our guide on Nightlife in Bali.

One of the standout features of Seminyak is its selection of beachfront villas and boutique hotels. These accommodations offer a stylish and intimate setting for singles to meet and connect with other travelers. Many establishments host regular pool parties and social events, creating a lively and fun atmosphere. It’s the ideal place for singles who enjoy a mix of relaxation and excitement.

2. Ubud

ubud single traveler

While Seminyak caters to the party-loving crowd, Ubud offers a more serene and spiritually enriching experience. Known for its lush forests, terraced rice paddies, and thriving arts scene, Ubud attracts solo travelers seeking tranquility and self-discovery. The town is a haven for yoga and meditation enthusiasts.

Ubud’s accommodations range from cozy guest houses to luxurious eco-resorts. Many of these lodgings are nestled in the midst of nature, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Ubud Monkey Forest, a natural sanctuary, and the Tegallalang Rice Terraces provide a beautiful backdrop for exploration and reflection. It’s a place where singles can connect with their inner selves and with others who share similar interests.

3. Canggu

If you’re a single traveler who enjoys a more laid-back and hipster vibe, Canggu is your spot. This trendy coastal village has gained popularity for its bohemian atmosphere, surf culture, and thriving art scene. Canggu’s accommodations often feature unique and stylish designs that reflect the artistic spirit of the area.

Canggu’s beaches are popular among surfers and offer fantastic sunsets, making it a great spot to unwind and meet other like-minded individuals. It’s also home to many charming cafés and co-working spaces where you can strike up conversations with fellow travelers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads. The social and creative energy of Canggu is perfect for singles looking to make new friends and connections.

4. Nusa Dua

nusa dua single traveler

If you’re a single traveler who’s ready to splurge and indulge in luxury, Nusa Dua is the place for you. This upscale resort area is known for its beautiful beaches, world-class resorts, and golf courses. Nusa Dua offers a more exclusive and tranquil experience compared to other parts of Bali.

The area is perfect for singles who want to treat themselves to pampering spa treatments, gourmet dining, and upscale amenities. It’s also a fantastic place to connect with other singles who appreciate the finer things in life.

5. Uluwatu

uluwatu singel traveler

For singles who are all about riding the waves and embracing adventure, Uluwatu is the ultimate destination. This surfers’ paradise is known for its stunning cliffs, epic waves, and incredible beaches. Uluwatu’s laid-back and adventurous vibe attracts travelers who want to experience the thrill of the sea.

Many places in Uluwatu offer surfboard rentals and lessons, making it easy for singles to connect with others who share their passion for the ocean. The Uluwatu Temple, perched on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, is a must-visit for breathtaking sunsets and a touch of spirituality.

6. Amed

amed fo single travler

Amed, a peaceful fishing village on the east coast of Bali, is perfect for singles seeking a secluded and tranquil getaway. This serene destination is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, black sand beaches, and fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities. It’s an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of busier tourist areas.

Amed offers a range of cozy guest houses and bungalows, many of which are situated right on the beach. The quiet ambiance of this area makes it a great place for singles to unwind, read a book, or simply enjoy the sound of the waves. It’s also an excellent spot for underwater adventures, where you can meet fellow divers and explore Bali’s vibrant marine life.

7. Lovina

lovina single traveler

If you’re looking for something different, Lovina in North Bali offers a unique experience. Lovina is known for its calm and dark sand beaches, making it an excellent spot for relaxation and dolphin watching. The local fishermen offer boat tours to see playful dolphins in the morning, providing a memorable and shared experience for singles.

This tranquil destination is perfect for singles who want to enjoy the simple pleasures of the sea and get to know other travelers while dolphin watching in the early hours. The laid-back atmosphere of Lovina encourages connections with fellow singles who appreciate the serenity of North Bali.

8. Pererenan

pererenan single traveler

For the single traveler seeking a more laid-back and rustic atmosphere, Pererenan offers a unique blend of village charm and beachside tranquility. Nestled between Canggu and Tanah Lot, Pererenan maintains a quieter, more serene ambiance while still being close to the vibrant energy of Canggu.

Pererenan’s black sand beaches are a haven for surfers and those looking to unwind away from the more crowded spots. It’s the perfect setting for singles to embrace a more peaceful side of Bali while still being within reach of Canggu’s social scene. The local cafes and yoga studios provide a relaxed setting for mingling and meeting other like-minded travelers, fostering a sense of community within this picturesque corner of Bali.

For those intrigued by the unique charms of Pererenan and looking to explore further, discover a wealth of activities and experiences in our detailed guide: The Best Things to Do in Pererenan.

In Pererenan, singles can bask in the simple joys of local life, finding solace in the beauty of rice paddies, engaging with the welcoming Balinese culture, and enjoying the quieter, more reflective side of this diverse island. With Pererenan’s rustic charm and serene escapes, solo travelers can savor a unique and more introspective experience within Bali’s tapestry of diversity and charm.

Pererenan is also the home to our beloved establishment, Red Gunpowder. Here, you’ll discover the finest modern Indian cuisine in the entire Pererenan, Canggu, and Seminyak area. Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of flavors and atmosphere on our terrace, where we serve up deliciousauthentic Indian dishes and refreshing cocktails. Enjoy an enchanting dining experience in the candlelit ambiance of our terrace while savoring genuine Indian cuisine. Come by to simply treat yourself (because you deserve it) or bring your newly-found holiday romance.

Bali offers a diverse range of experiences for singles, from the vibrant party scene in Seminyak to the serene retreats in Ubud and Amed. Whether you’re looking to meet new people, embrace adventure, or simply unwind by the sea, Bali has the perfect place for you. So pack your bags and get ready to explore this tropical paradise with your fellow solo travelers. Bali’s charm and variety ensure that you’ll have a memorable experience and make new friends along the way. Bali is not just an island; it’s a melting pot of experiences waiting for singles to enjoy, explore and connect.



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