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Get Close With Nature : 8 Best Eco-Friendly Resorts in Bali

Updated 06 Mar 2024
eco friendly resorts in bali

Bali, with its stunning scenery and rich culture, is also a paradise for those who care about the environment and want to stay in places that respect nature. There’s a special charm in staying at a resort that blends luxury with eco-friendliness, offering a peaceful retreat without harming the beautiful surroundings.

From quiet riverside retreats to luxurious bamboo villas perched in lush greenery, these places are designed to enhance your connection with nature. Guests can look forward to relaxing in tranquility, with amenities and activities that reflect a harmonious balance between comfort and environmental consciousness. These resorts not only offer a place to stay but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in Bali’s natural beauty and culture while leaving a minimal ecological footprint.

9 Best Eco-Friendly Resorts in Bali

1. Nunu Bali Eco-Friendly Retreat

nuanu city

Nunu Bali Eco-Friendly Retreat is a serene riverside sanctuary in Kediri, Bali, offering traditional joglo-inspired studios and wellness facilities. It’s a perfect place for those looking to rejuvenate in tranquility, with a focus on sustainable living. Guests can appreciate its secluded location, making it a haven for relaxation and a closer connection to Bali’s beautiful landscapes​​​.

2. Ulaman Eco-Luxury Resort

ulaman resorts

Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort in Tabanan provides an experience with luxurious accommodations and a deep commitment to sustainability. The resort boasts amenities like open-air baths, free bikes, and a garden, alongside a restaurant serving American cuisine. With a high rating for its facilities, including an outdoor swimming pool and spa, Ulaman is a sanctuary for those looking to rejuvenate their body and spirit in a luxurious setting. The resort’s unique design, incorporating bamboo and natural materials, reflects a modern and innovative approach to eco-friendly luxury​​​.

3. Camaya Bali

camaya bali

Camaya Bali is a peaceful retreat located in Selat, just north of Sideman, offering a getaway right in the heart of Bali’s beautiful rice paddies. This place is all about connecting with nature, away from the crowded tourist spots, where you can enjoy the stunning views of Mount Batur on your way there.

Camaya Bali has four unique bamboo houses, each with its special features like net beds with views of the rice fields, infinity pools, and even an outdoor movie area. Suboya, the first bamboo house, comes with a heatable natural pool and its kitchen, combining the charm of traditional Balinese architecture with the comforts of modern amenities. The Butterfly House is famous for its unique movie area, and the Pyramid House offers multi-level relaxation spaces, making each stay a unique experience.

4. Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge is a quiet spot on Mount Batukaru, perfect for those wanting to see a different side of Bali. Surrounded by greenery, its bungalows are designed to fit right into nature, offering peace, privacy, and beautiful scenery. The lodge is big on eco-friendly practices, serving food from its own garden and offering activities that bring guests closer to Bali’s culture and natural wonders. People love it for its cozy rainforest vibe, tasty food made with local herbs, and friendly staff.

5. Mana Earthly Paradise

Mana Earthly Paradise

Mana Earthly Paradise is a special kind of eco-friendly resort, run by an NGO called Earth Company. This beautiful resort is committed to protecting the environment and uses smart technologies to keep things green and sustainable. The accommodation provides modern, eco-friendly villas that are perfect for people looking to relax and reflect deeply. Everything at Mana, from the furniture to the buildings, is made with materials that are good for the environment, surrounded by the quiet, beautiful green surroundings of Ubud. If you want to be close to nature and stay in a place that cares about the Earth, Mana Earthly Paradise is the perfect choice.

6. Bali Eco Stay

Bali Eco Stay

Bali Eco Stay, nestled in the heart of Bali, presents a unique eco-paradise immersed in the lush landscapes of the Balinese Jungle near Mount Batukaru. This secluded haven offers guests a chance to reconnect with nature in a serene setting far from the usual tourist paths. Here, tranquility reigns with the melody of waterfalls and the gentle rustle of jungle foliage, providing a backdrop to an array of eco-friendly bungalows.

Each accommodation is thoughtfully integrated into the natural surroundings, promising privacy and panoramic views that stretch over rice paddies and mountain streams. Guests can look forward to waking up to the purest forms of nature, where everything consumed is organically grown on-site, emphasizing sustainability and respect for the earth.

7. Fivelements Retreat Bali

Fivelements Retreat Bali

Fivelements Retreat Bali, located in the peaceful village of Mambal, is a relaxing wellness sanctuary set along the Ayung River. This award-winning eco-conscious retreat is deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Bali, offering a tranquil space for guests to experience authentic Balinese healing, plant-based cuisine, and sacred arts. The retreat is designed with the environment in mind, featuring spacious bamboo villas with open-air soaking tubs, free Wi-Fi, and stunning river views. Each villa is a haven of tranquility, with natural light, the pleasant aroma of Balinese incense, and decor inspired by sacred spirals and traditional Balinese fabrics

8. Green Escape Eco Resort

Green Escape Eco Resort

Green Escape Eco Resort in Uluwatu, Bali, offers a unique eco-luxury experience that caters to a diverse group of guests, from surfers seeking uncrowded waves to couples looking for a romantic escape and families or friends desiring a wilderness adventure with the comforts of a five-star resort. This boutique resort is nestled in Bingin, providing a serene environment reminiscent of Bali’s quieter days, and is in proximity to other picturesque beaches such as Dreamland and Balangan.

The resort is committed to sustainability, implementing measures such as eliminating plastic, using solar power, employing locals, and utilizing natural local building materials. Guests can also enjoy a range of activities, including cooking and herbal medicine classes, yoga, and spa treatments, all designed to enhance the stay and promote wellness. The warm and attentive service from the staff, along with the resort’s dedication to environmental conservation, ensures a memorable and enriching experience for all visitors

These eco-friendly resorts in Bali offer more than just a place to stay; they provide a sustainable experience that aligns with the natural beauty and cultural richness of the island. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat by the river, an immersive experience in luxurious bamboo architecture, or activities that connect you with the local environment, Bali’s eco-resorts cater to every desire for a nature-conscious traveler.

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