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7-day Bali Trip From India : Everything You Should Know

Updated 01 Feb 2024
Bali for a 7-day trip from India

Bali, often referred to as the “Island of the Gods,” has emerged as an irresistible destination for Indian travelers in pursuit of serene beaches, captivating culture and a refreshing departure from the ordinary. However, venturing into a new and distinctly different locale can be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide is designed to unveil the enchantment of Bali for Indian voyagers, providing insights into seamless travel, cultural immersion and a spectrum of unique experiences, all encapsulated within a well-structured 7-day itinerary.

Why Bali? A Slice of India Abroad

uluwatu singel traveler

Bali shares remarkable parallels with India, creating a sense of familiarity for visitors. Hinduism thrives on the island, manifested in Bali’s elaborate temples and vibrant ceremonies. The warm hospitality and delectable vegetarian cuisine contribute to a comfortable experience. The prevalence of English as a widely spoken language further facilitates communication. Yet, Bali’s allure extends beyond these similarities, encompassing natural wonders such as volcanic peaks and coral reefs, along with its distinctive artistic traditions, offering a kaleidoscope of novel experiences.

Budgeting Your Balinese Bliss

budget travel to bali

Bali caters to a diverse range of budgets, accommodating backpackers and luxury travelers alike. Costs for a week-long stay can vary from ₹30,000 ($375) for budget-conscious backpackers to ₹100,000 ($1,250) for those seeking luxury experiences. Strategic planning and selecting experiences aligned with personal preferences are crucial for maintaining a comfortable budget.

Accommodation choices play a pivotal role in budgeting, with hostels starting at ₹200 and luxurious villas exceeding ₹15,000. Dining options also vary widely, from street eats at ₹50 to gourmet meals surpassing ₹1,000. Activities range from free temple visits to more expensive diving trips. If you’re planning a family trip to Bali, explore the Things to do in Bali with Family here for an unforgettable experience.

Conquering the Skies: Airfare from India to Bali

Airfare from India to Bali

Securing round-trip flights from major Indian cities to Bali typically ranges from ₹25,000 to ₹50,000. Booking in advance, especially during off-season months like April-May or September-October, can result in significant cost savings. Consider airlines such as Air India, Garuda Indonesia and Singapore Airlines for competitive fares.

Plan your Bali trip wisely! Check out What is the Best Months to go to Bali? to discover the ideal time for your visit here.

Finding Your Balinese Home

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Bali offers a plethora of accommodation options, ranging from beachfront bungalows to charming homestays in Ubud. Budget-conscious travelers can opt for hostels and guesthouses with shared rooms priced between ₹200-₹500. Mid-range options include private rooms in boutique hotels, ranging from ₹1,000-₹3,000. Luxury seekers can indulge in private villas with infinity pools, starting from ₹8,000 and above. The choice of base should align with individual priorities:

  • For Beach Enthusiasts: Seminyak, Canggu and Nusa Dua offer vibrant beach scenes and trendy cafes.
  • Cultural Explorers: Ubud, the artistic heart of Bali, boasts galleries, temples and scenic rice terraces.
  • Nightlife Aficionados: Seminyak and Kuta are buzzing with bars and clubs, providing opportunities for late-night revelry.

Wondering where to stay? Check out our guide on the Best Places to Stay in Bali for First Timers.

A Culinary Journey Within The Island of Gods

Indian Culinary Journey in Bali

Bali’s culinary scene promises an enchanting journey through a diverse range of flavors, spanning aromatic curries to fresh seafood. Local eateries, known as warungs, present budget-friendly options such as vegetarian rice bowls (“nasi campur”) for less than ₹50. Meanwhile, upscale restaurants cater to various budgets from the still affordable mid-priced restaurants to uber-expensive ones that’s going to set you to ₹10.000

If you find yourself in Bali and yearning for a distinctive dining experience, make sure not to overlook Red Gunpowder. Our renowned Indian restaurant in Bali offers a wealth of delightful contemporary Indian cuisines. It’s the perfect destination for those seeking a taste of home with a fusion of Balinese and modern influences.

Seven Days of Enchanting Bali Itinerary

Day 1

Begin your Balinese adventure as you land in Denpasar. Delight in the warm embrace of the sun on Seminyak beach or Canggu beach and in the evening, relish a delectable dinner at our Red Gunpowder near Seminyak and Canggu. Discover the full spectrum of activities in Canggu and Pererenan by exploring our guide on The Best Things to do in Pererenan.

Day 2

Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Ubud. Traverse the mystical Monkey Forest, wander through vibrant art markets and be captivated by the mesmerizing Kecak fire dance in the evening. Explore Bali beyond Ubud! Check out our article on Alternative Destinations That Rival the Charm of Ubud, Discover hidden gems for a unique Balinese experience.

Day 3

Embark on a trek to the awe-inspiring Mount Batur, where a breathtaking sunrise awaits. Afterward, rejuvenate your senses with a dip in the natural hot springs of Kintamani.

Day 4

Embark on a cultural expedition to the revered Besakih Temple, often referred to as the “Mother Temple” of Bali. As the day unfolds, marvel at the intricate carvings of the Pura Tanah Lot temple during a captivating sunset.

Day 5

Take a day trip to the idyllic Nusa Penida island. Snorkel alongside graceful manta rays and explore the iconic Kelingking Beach, a true gem of natural beauty.

Day 6

Immerse yourself in the surfer’s paradise of Canggu. Try your hand at riding the waves of Legian or Seminyak beaches and in the evening, indulge in a sumptuous seafood feast right on the beach.

Day 7

Conclude your Balinese journey with a visit to the stunning Uluwatu temple, perched dramatically on a cliff. Delight in the fiery hues of the sunset before heading back to Denpasar.

Must-Have Bali Experiences You Should Try

  1. Surfing: Experience the thrill of catching waves at iconic breaks like Legian or Seminyak. Lessons are available starting from ₹1,500 per hour. If you’re a beginner surfer, check out our guide on the Best Surfing Spots in Bali for Beginners.
  2. Diving: Explore the vibrant underwater world of Bali’s coral reefs, teeming with diverse marine life. Day trips are offered from ₹3,000, including all necessary equipment.
  3. Traditional Dance: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Bali by witnessing traditional dances. Enjoy the Kecak fire dances in Ubud (₹100) or the graceful Legong dances in Seminyak (₹200).
  4. Temple Visits: Pay your respects at the awe-inspiring Besakih or Tanah Lot temples. Remember to dress modestly, covering your head and legs, to show proper reverence during your visit.

Hitting the Road on The Island of Gods

There are numerous ways to traverse the island of Bali, some of the most recommended modes of transportation are as follows :

1. Taxis

Taxis in Bali provide a convenient means of transportation, especially for shorter distances (₹50,000-₹70,000 per day). Ensure that you communicate and agree on the fare with the driver beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings or surprises at the end of the journey.

2. Scooters/Motorbikes Rental

The most independent option, with rentals starting from ₹200 per day. Exploring Bali on a scooter or motorbike offers a sense of freedom and flexibility. Rentals are affordable, but considering the bustling traffic, having an International Driving Permit is not only a legal requirement but also a practical safety measure. It allows you to navigate through the island’s picturesque landscapes at your own pace.

3. Car Rentals

Ideal for larger groups or longer journeys, with rentals starting from ₹500 per day. Renting a car in Bali is a practical choice for those traveling with a group or planning longer excursions. It provides comfort and convenience and hiring a driver can enhance the experience by allowing you to focus on enjoying the scenery without the hassle of driving.

4. Ride-hailing Apps

Embrace the convenience of technology by using ride-hailing apps like Gojek or Grab. These services offer a hassle-free way to get around Bali and the pricing is generally reasonable. The flexibility to choose your destination and track your ride adds an extra layer of convenience to your transportation experience. Learn how to make the most of your Bali journey by using Gojek – check out our guide on How to use Gojek in Bali.

Where to go for a Shopping Spree in Bali?

Ubud Market

1. Local Markets

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local markets of Bali, such as Ubud Art Market, Sukawati Market and Gianyar Night Market. These bustling hubs showcase the rich cultural heritage of the island, offering a plethora of treasures like intricately designed batik fabrics, hand-carved wooden items and exquisite silver jewelry. Don’t forget to hone your bargaining skills for a more authentic shopping experience.

2. Upscale Boutiques

Seminyak and Canggu host trendy stores with designer clothing, home decor and art pieces.
Indulge in a more sophisticated shopping experience in the upscale boutiques of Seminyak and Canggu. These areas are home to chic stores featuring designer clothing, unique home décor items and captivating art pieces. Explore the trendy shops that line the streets and discover curated collections that reflect Bali’s contemporary and artistic flair.

3. Souvenir Shops

Capture memories of your Bali journey by exploring the island’s numerous souvenir shops. Whether you’re seeking keychains, fridge magnets, or postcards, these shops scattered across Bali cater to every tourist’s desire for a tangible reminder of their visit. Choose keepsakes that resonate with the island’s cultural charm.

Cultural Etiquette for a Harmonious Experience

 Visit Tirta Empul

As you enjoy your time in Bali, it’s crucial to be mindful of the island’s significant focus on culture and religion. To avoid causing any discomfort to the locals, it’s essential to consider certain aspects. Some things to keep in mind are:

1. Temples Dress Code

When visiting temples in Bali, respecting the dress code is paramount. Dress modestly by covering your legs and shoulders and if required, use a sarong provided at the temple’s entrance. This shows reverence for the sacred sites and the local customs associated with them.

2. Offerings

Engage in cultural rituals by placing small offerings of flowers or incense in temple baskets. This symbolic act is a demonstration of reverence for the spiritual importance of the temples and serves as a means to connect with Balinese traditions. These offerings are also commonly encountered at various locations along the roads in Bali, so exercise caution to avoid accidentally kicking or stepping on them.

3. Greetings

Embrace the local customs by offering a warm greeting with the Balinese phrase “Om Swastiastu.” Accompany the greeting with folded hands, a gesture that reflects politeness and cultural appreciation. This simple yet meaningful act sets the tone for positive interactions and demonstrates your openness to the Balinese way of life.

4. Bargaining

Engage in the art of bargaining when shopping at local markets. Approach negotiations with a friendly demeanor, acknowledging the cultural practice of haggling. This not only enhances your shopping experience but also fosters positive interactions with local vendors, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Useful Resources to Prepare You for The Journey Ahead:


1. Official Bali Tourism Website

Explore the official Bali Tourism Board website for comprehensive information on attractions, events and travel tips. This valuable resource can help you plan your itinerary and make the most of your Bali experience.

2. Booking Platforms

Utilize popular booking platforms like TripAdvisor and to discover accommodation options, read reviews and make informed decisions for your stay in Bali.

3. Bali Visa Information

Stay updated on Bali’s visa regulations by referring to online websites such as Those resources provide essential information regarding entry requirements and many other things you should know before visiting Bali to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

In conclusion, navigating the enchanting landscapes of Bali offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, emphasizing the significance of respect for local customs. Whether participating in temple rituals with small offerings or venturing into the vibrant markets, embracing the essence of Balinese traditions adds a profound dimension to your journey. Your 7 day journey within the islands of gods will surely leave you wanting for more!




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